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SmartMetals Stand & Screen 50″

Product description

Thhe SmartMetals Stand & Screen 50″ flight case is build like our Plasma Universal SiP Flightcase, to alow you to hold different sizes of screens from 42″ up to 50″. As well this flight case system is available for screens up to 70″

Our removable sliding partitions and Sip system give you much more versatility to change the size. Just move the SiP Dividers to fit it to the screen.

Built in to the back of the case you have a tray which hold the stand columns and a compartment for all the accessories.

Once the stand is set up, you open the service door on the screen side of the case and bring the case in to position. With help of The optional available SmartMetals hoist system you can easily lift the screen out of the case. the whole process should only take one person 5 minutes or less

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