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Product description

With over 60,000 TRANSflex units sold, these cases are among amptown cases most successful products sold worldwide.

For hassle free flexibility and without requiring any tools, in the TRANSflexpartitions can be slotted in at every 25mm intervals along the case length.

Its extremely robust design ensures maximum transport safety.
Within seconds, TRANSflex adapts to all packaging problems.
The TRANSflex range are also available for hire.

TRANSflex is a case built to withstand the rigours of the road and the touring industry.
Available in thirteen standard colours, which can be mixed and matched as shown here at no extra cost of course.

TRANSflex incorporates integrated rails for variable placement of dividers at 25mm intervals. A wide range of partition widths and heights is available. Both sides of the partition are laminated in tough shatterproof laminate. Each side can be engraved with your name.

The partitions are available in two heights. The full height protrudes into the lid whilst the shorter type is designed to fit under trays when used. Each side of the partition has a tough laminate bonded to the surface.

The TRANSflex system is available in different sizes as shown in the chart below.

TRANSflex TFN-1200
1200 mm
580 mm
600 mm
TRANSflex TFN-0900
900 mm
580 mm
600 mm
TRANSflex TFN-0600
600 mm
580 mm
600 mm
XXX mm
780 mm
600 mm

TRANSflex offers self supporting trays, incorporated into the same rail system that the partitions use. These trays are offered in various lengths, allowing multiple trays can be used in one case and engraved as standard.

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