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Chainmaster CM 9050 BF8

Product description

Amptown’s motor cases have been an acknowledged rigging industry standard for many years, usually 500kg, 1000kg or 2000kg in size and packed in single or double configurations.
The extremely robust plywood partitions which are machined into the case side for extra strength, make it possible to drive the motors directly in and out of the case, removing the need for manual handling of heavy chains and motors.
A tough hardened textured paint is baked onto 18mm birch plywood and used for the structural partitions within the case, providing the highest level of protection along with proven durability.

Every design is made available in a compact version or in standard 1/4 truck pack sizes. Standard single and double case designs for all brands including CM Lodestar, Verlinde and PCM etc. As with all our cases, other designs are available to customers individual requirements.

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