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Double Door Rack Light

Product description

Double Door Rack Light cases from the KR Series have similar applications to racks from the Standard Series and are a popular choice for the less demanding applications.

However, in order to offer a lower-priced alternative, more economical surface-mounted fittings and simple rack strips are used. As with our more expensive ranges of cases, they have steel corners and corner braces, except for a smaller and lighter design.

The case is manufactured from same grade of Birch plywood, except it is 6mm instead of the heavier 10mm used on our professional range, but the same grade of aluminium is used for the edges.

Both lids are fitted with two high-quality lockable surface catches, a strap handle makes carrying over a distance a lot easier.

The steel rack strip is fitted to the front of the rack and pushed to receive the supplied 6mm captive nuts, thus conforming to professional standards.

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