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Keyboardrack L-Rack

Product description

The Keyboardrack L-Rack system from the standard series was developed to have a secure and convenient way of moving a common configuration of equipment.

The system allows for sound, lighting or disco equipment, i.e. a mixer and outboard equipment, to be operated without much ado and without having to re-connect the cables internally every time the rack is used.

External connections can be made via the large hinged rear access door, which is fitted with two fan sized ventilation grill.

The optional Vario-Adapter allows the upper rack surface to be angled for easy use and improved access to mixer input sockets.

If this option is required please allow an extra 2units in depth (front to back) for the fittings of this frame.

When ordering a Keyboard-Rack, please let us know the height and depth in respective units. If you need a 6Unit height and 10Unit deep Keyboard-Rack, you should order a KBR 06/10.

Keep in mind that the real height in fact is 8Units but, due to the 2Unit height rack panel, all of the 8Units cannot be made use of.

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