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Product description

The CPA-Rack is our latest flightcase revolution.

Two sliding doors replace the usual lids and can be hidden in the top of the cae.

Easy handling, just slide down the doors which look automatically. The CPA-Rack based on our ABS.-Rack which provides our highest level of transit protection.

19″ rack equipment is fitted into a framework of steel rack-strips, which are connected to the case by means of a series of anti-vibration mounts.

The number, stiffness and position of the mounts is calculated by the weight of the equipment to be suspended. The flexibility of this system guarantees optimum shock-absorption.

Amptown cases – 19″ rack systems further advantages of the ABS.-Rack system are the saving in weight compared with conventional case-within-case systems and other suspension units, plus improved ventilation around the appliances.

Applications for the ABS.-Rack case series include Amplifier Racks, Dimmer Racks, PSU Racks, computer servers and video units, among others..

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