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Rigging Inserts

A neat and practical way for riggers to transport truss connectors, pins, bolts and safety clips, which also allows a quick visual count to be done helping stock management.
With a range of modules designed to hold all the popular makes of truss like Prolyte, Litec, Alutruss, Expotruss, Global Truss, Naxpro and Eurotruss. These modules can be mixed and and matched to your requirements.

This unique system allows you to mix modules in any combination to make up the desired collection required.
With a choice of two modules per case in the Standard RGS or up to eight modules per case in the Professional RGP version.The professional RGP version is fitted with heavy duty castors as standard to aid mobility.

Following find our standard range of inserts made of 18mm plywood laminated each side with rounded edges.
The inserts are available in the heights of 98mm or 196mm.

ESR – Clip

Universal insert for clips and small accessories which are protected by two partitions from falling out through the finger holes

ESR Universal

ESR – Universal

Universal insert for rigging accessories

ESR – 2448

Insert with 49 holes 12mm and 24 holes 35mm.

ESR – 2048

Insert with 48 holes 20mm.

ESR – 1296

Insert with 96 holes 12mm.

ESR – 3540

Insert with 40 holes 35mm.

ESR – 1660

Insert with 60 holes 16mm.

ESP – 12100

Insert with 100 holes  12mm und plexiglass cover.