SiP – Superior impact Protection

World’s best protection for moving heads and more…

The History of SiP

Today the SiP insert is a major invention for the Flightcase industry inspired and developed by Amptown cases GMBH
During the 1990´s Moving headlamps were the latest in Rock and Roll light technology, more and more manufacturer got in to the market and made the own moving heads.
This brought it’s own problems with transporting these type of lights as they were very complex in design with many moving parts and electronics built in. With the old style flight case designs, with wood interior and usual foam padding moving heads protection reliability was low, so that many light manufacturers were looking for a solution.

The revolution…

At this time amptown cases already thought about a new formulary foam material with a robust rubber exterior. Which was offer to them. This was very expensive to produce and was not viable, due to the costs.

Not to be detoured amptown persuade and after some experiments and more calculations decided that if they made this in house it could be possible to produce SiP (Superior Impact Protection a polyurethan foam insert with a soft core and a robust rugged surface) which is highly fire-resistant and impermeable to water which guarantees a long life, at a reasonable price.

One Step ahead

Innovative transportsolutions from Amptown Cases are still industry standard today.

In 1999 Amptown invested quarter a million pounds in the machinery to produce the SiP in house, it was a big risk at the time They launched the SiP and Flightcase for the Martin MAC 500/600 at the Prolight+Sound 1999 whilst slow to take off at first, it is now the best selling product for the moving head lamps in the world to-date

SiP inserts for moving heads was just the beginning, amptown cases now develop SiP inserts for light and sound mixing consoles as well as plasma screens. Amptown are still experimenting with more and more new products to be mass produced with a SiP who knows what the future will bring.