The weight issue of flight cases is now over!

Amptown Cases is pleased to introduce you the new lightweight flight case series “AiR

For our new AiR Series we use a honeycomb polypropylen material instead of the heavy Birch Plywood, the polypropylen is extremely durable and is 5.1kg per m² lighter compared to the Birch Plywood.

More air less weight!

With the new AiR flight cases you can save up to 30% weight and 30% less weight means less cost in transportation.

Amptowns new “AiR” series flight case is produced solely with recycled raw materials, this high energy efficient production will ensure further protection to our environment.
Our new sandwich panels already made of partially recycled polypropylen
and can be recycled to 100%.

You can download the test report from the BFSV institute by click the button below.

Download test report

Maximum load test

We have tested the handling as well as the riveting of the handles, in situations of daily use as well with maximum load like it will not occur in real life. There was seriously not really a demaged after all this. check out the video to convince yourself.
We pushed the flight case fully loaded with 150kg from a loading ramp, pushed it from the truck and driven it with speed agains the curb. All situations like they can happen in daily use, but with a lot more effort. The AiR cases have shown in these tests that they are ideally suited for the daily touring business.