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the all-round work glove

You can always use this kind of glove, whether on, next to, behind or under the stage and not just there: in the workshop, in the car, at home, in the garden, just everywhere!
What a great  glove.

Sure you can wash your hands, spit out splinters, sticking plaster on it, but then we would not need to do this page and that alone is reason enough!

The decision

If you have read this far, the decision for this super great glove already has been made by you and we just have to find out how many pairs you need!

Probably a pair for each on, next to, in front of, behind and under the stage. Then still a couple for the workshop, car, home, garden and one to give away. That makes together 10 pairs and you get for unbelievable 9,99 Euro.

and again in very bold and in yellow,

10 pair = 9,99 €

If you need fewer gloves (and we can not understand why someone should need less than 10 pairs), then he has to fork out already 1.50 € per pair. But individual pairs will be packed with an extra dose of love.

Available in sizes (slightly smaller): L, XL, XXL

All prices are net plus 19% VAT.