The hard times are over!

Almost indistinguishable from the outside, but underneath the surface is a new polypropylene honeycomb material co-developed by Amptown Cases instead of the tried and tested birch plywood.

This honeycomb composite panel specially developed for Amptown cases is extremely hard-wearing, stable and 5.1 kg per square meter lighter than birch plywood.



Our AiR Flightcase series is produced in a particularly sustainable way. The materials used are 100% recyclable and already consist partly of recycled polypropylene plastic. The use of recycled raw materials conserves natural resources and the particularly energy-efficient production contributes further to protecting the environment.
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The AiR Flightcases are up to 30% lighter than comparable Flightcases made of birch plywood!

The weight saving compared to Flightcases made of birch plywood is clearly noticeable in the price, especially for air freight.

The low weight also makes handling much easier. Whether loading and unloading the truck or Sprinter, on or behind the platform, the low weight has a positive effect wherever the Flightcases is moved by hand.

Less weight means lower transport costs and the easier handling also saves time and time is money!

The endurance test

To convince ourselves and our customers that the AiR Flightcases can withstand even the toughest loads, we have carried out a series of endurance and maximum load tests in collaboration with the BFSV Verpackungsinstitut Hamburg GmbH.

We tested the workmanship and the riveting of the handles, where the Flightcase is subjected to high forces in everyday use, and even forces that never occur in everyday life were unable to cause any serious damage to the Flightcase .
With a full load of 150 kg, we pushed the Flightcases off a loading ramp, pushed it off a truck or drove it with all our might against kerbs. All situations that can occur in real life, but deliberately with much more force.

In these tests, the AiR cases have shown that they are ideally suited to the rigours of everyday touring.