Flight case labeling

Logo stencils, signing sets & screen printing

Sometimes it is important to know at first glance what is in a Flightcase or who it belongs to.

We offer you a range of options for labelling or simply customizing Flightcases .

Standardised plug-in stencil sets or laser-cut logo stencils are the most common variants here.

When it comes to multi-coloured or more complex logos, only screen printing comes into question.

See below which variant is the right one for you.

Logo stencils

Individual, fast and flexible: these are the advantages of lettering with logo stencils. They are also comparatively inexpensive. By using logo stencils in conjunction with the right marking ink, you can label any Flightcase quickly and flexibly at any time. Thanks to CO2 laser cutting, almost any motif can be implemented as a stencil.

Please note that the maximum size for logos on the stencils must not exceed 470×280 mm.

File formats

We need the templates for a logo stencil as a vector file. Possible formats are:
Corel Draw (*.cdr) , Adobe Illustrator (*.ai) (please save version 8 compatible!),
PDF (*.pdf) , EPS (*.eps) and SVG (*.svg)

Vector or not?

Occasionally a graphic is considered to be a vector graphic, although it actually contains pixel graphics. There is a simple test to determine whether it is actually a true vector graphic: If you enlarge the graphic to 300% zoom and no pixel levels are visible, it is a vector graphic.


If no vector graphics are available, we offer the option of vectorizing pixel graphics for a small surcharge. For this we require a pixel graphic with the highest possible resolution (*.jpg, *.tif, *.png etc.).


Fonts and other elements that are surrounded by a cutting contour must be provided with connecting elements (bars). As can be seen in the example above, bars must be placed for letters such as 'A' and 'O' to prevent the inner parts from falling out of the template.

Prices logo stencils

Screen printing

The premier class of Flightcase lettering is undoubtedly the screen printing process. Here, logos can be printed true to the original and in multiple colors, with results of outstanding brilliance and durability. However, screen printing is somewhat more expensive than using marking stencils, for example, so screen printing is only worthwhile for larger quantities. Screen printing is also less flexible, as the prints have to be applied before assembly and subsequent printing is no longer possible. 

Screen printing costs

The cost of screen printing varies greatly depending on the quantity, size of the logo and number of colors. We therefore recommend that you contact one of our sales staff directly for a personalized quote for screen printing

Plug-in templates

Our pegboard templates are the perfect solution for informative labeling Flightcases. The folder contains a total of 76 pieces, including various letters, numbers, special characters and punctuation marks that can be combined with each other. The letters have a font height of 50 mm and can be easily inserted into each other to create individual lettering.

Price Template set 76 pcs.

111,00 € net

Signing set

Whether for labeling with logo stencils or plug-in stencils, we recommend our matching marking set.

The marking set consists of an ink roller, ink pad, thinner and the white marking ink (other colors available on request). 

Price signing set

168,00 € net