The world's best protection for moving heads and more.

The history of the SiP

The first moving heads had been around for a while, but it wasn't until the late 1990s that the "wobble lamps" made their breakthrough. The demand was enormous and more and more manufacturers had moving heads on offer.
However, the sensitive mechanics of the head-moving spotlights placed some demands on the transport packaging suitable for touring. Shocks and jolts to which the lamps were exposed inside the Flightcases could not be sufficiently absorbed by the usual padding with wooden inserts and foam.


Double revolution of the event industry.

At Prolight + Sound 1999, Amptown Cases then presented the new "SiP"Flightcase for the Martin MAC 500/600 for the first time.
After 2 years in use, the largest user took stock. 40% fewer repairs and spare parts orders for moving heads transported in a Amptown SiP Flightcase .

The term SiP was developed by Amptown Cases and stands for Superior Impact Protection. It is a polyurethane-foamed formliner with a soft core and a very robust, wear-resistant surface.

Superior damping properties
Insensitive to heat
Robust surface
Contour-precisely moulded ticking
A head start through innovation

From now on, moving heads could be optimally packed and protected. Precisely contoured padding and outstanding damping properties reduce vibrations and even the hardest impacts to a minimum. While conventional rigid foam deforms under prolonged stress and thus loses its cushioning effect, the SiP t icking always keeps its shape! The robust surface is also extremely insensitive to heat, scratch-resistant, water-repellent and thus guarantees high durability.

But moving heads were just the beginning, today Amptown Cases manufactures SiP inserts for light & sound mixing consoles as well as plasma screens.
Numerous other applications are on the horizon.
In-house production and mold making makes it possible to react quickly to changes in the market and integrate new developments.