Colour up your Cases

Most flight cases are black. Black also looks great. But flight cases can be and are so much more colourful.

Some customers order flight cases in their corporate colours, others to quickly identify the contents of their flight cases, e.g. blue for lights and yellow for cables.

Especially on larger productions, coloured flight cases often make the search easier. There are no additional costs, no matter which colour you choose.

Combinations, e.g. a colour-contrasting cover strip, are also possible at no extra charge.

Imagine a turquoise case with a lid stripe in orange, or petrol with a white lid stripe. That looks very chic. You can also customise the colour of your flight case.

The only exception is our Stucko foil, which costs a small extra charge. (Attention, Stucko currently not available! June 2023)

*Colours shown may be misrepresented and differ from actual colours depending on monitor settings.
Red RAL3020
Yellow RAL1023
Bordeaux RAL4004
Orange RAL2008
Choco RAL8017
Purple RAL4005
Green RAL6029
White RAL9001
Black RAL9005
Grey RAL7016
Silver grey RAL7035
Navy RAL5013
Blue RAL5015
Gentian blue RAL5010
Turquoise RAL5018
Petrol RAL5020
Pink RAL4003
Army RAL6003
Colour name: Black RAL9005