• Standard version made of 7mm birch plywood
  • Coated on both sides
  • Foil coating in selectable colours
  • Standard fittings


The amptown cases briefcase can become your constant companion.

Important documents and small equipment are safely stored.

Sturdy aluminium edges and steel ball corners as well as a scratch-resistant plastic coating also ensure a long life expectancy for your briefcase, even under the heaviest use.

As with all other flight cases, we can print your logo on the briefcase, making it an effective advertising medium.

The advantages of the amptown cases briefcase are obvious:

The surface does not wear off like a leather-bound case.

No dents from impacts as with prolonged use of an aluminium case.

Freely selectable colours or prints make it a unique eye-catcher with clear symbolic power.

Since the briefcase has been used over the years as a universal flight case for documents, laptops or other accessories and a briefcase insert was not always necessary, the briefcase is delivered without a briefcase insert as standard. This is now available as an option.


Preis ohne Akteninlett: 92,50 € netto

Preis für das Akteninlett: 11,50 € netto

Additional information

Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)

470 x 350 x 135