FoH Drive Rack

  • Professional version made of 10mm birch plywood
  • Coated on both sides
  • Foil coating in selectable colours
  • Large Heavy Duty Fittings
  • Original Amptown Cases Blue Wheels


This flight case combines the features of several cases in one. The base is a keyboard rack which is equipped with a swinging metal frame like an ABS. rack. At the same time, it has partial sliding doors like a CPA rack and a removable suspension lid, which can thus be used as a side table like a drawer case. The special feature here is the flexible orientation of the table, which can be hung either lengthwise or crosswise. Last but not least, the upper lid is constructed like a TFT universal case, in which the screen required for later operation can be transported. The company GrohPA, came up with this FoH Drive Rack and had it made by us.

Additional information

Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)



16U ABS. Swinging metal frame
Split CPA rear flap
Hanging lid
TFT Universal in lid
HD castors (2x stop)

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