Headlamp flex Uni

  • Professional version made of 10mm birch plywood
  • Coated on both sides
  • Foil coating in selectable colours
  • Large Heavy Duty Fittings
  • Original Amptown Cases Blue Wheels
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The universal headlamp Flightcase was designed to transport a wide variety of headlamp types.

No matter what type of headlamp or whether it has to be a headlamp at all.
In this Flightcase you have the option of dividing the main compartments according to your needs using the partitions supplied.

The two compartments can be freely divided in length, only the width of 246mm and the height of 302mm are fixed.

The Flightcase also has a 567mm x 188mm accessory compartment for clamps, clips, safeties and cables.

But that's by no means all. The Flightcase can be extended via an optional add-on and therefore offers you flexibility on two levels.
Decide for yourself how much Flightcase you really need for the job in hand.