Vari Lite VL-3015LT Spot

  • Professional version made of 10mm birch plywood
  • Coated on both sides
  • Foil coating in selectable colours
  • Large Heavy Duty Fittings
  • Original Amptown Cases Blue Wheels
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Sensitive moving heads such as the Vari Lite VL-3015LT Spot place particularly high demands on a Flightcase.

The SiP-Flightcase has an integral foam ticking specially molded from the Vari Lite VL-3015LT spot.
The SiP ticking is a negative imprint with a perfect fit. Shocks and vibrations are therefore fully absorbed.

With its robust surface, the SiP ticking is extremely heat resistant, scratch resistant and offers
incomparable cushioning properties.

The tried and tested SiP technology thus increases the service life of the lamp body
and bulb. Thanks to our in-house development and production department, we can offer you SiP inlets
for all common moving heads.

Additional information

Dimensions in mm (LxWxH)

1250 x 590 x 572